kathmandu lukla helicopter flight

Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight

  • Trip Start

    Kathmandu or Lukla

  • Trip End

    Kathmandu or Lukla

  • Group Size

    01-05 Pax in One group

  • Transportation

    Helicopter Flight

  • Max Altitute


  • Accomadation


  • Best Season

    September, October, November March, April, and May

  • Easy level

    Trip Difficulty Level

Starting From/Per person $ 450 USD
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Secure Online Payment
  • All Inclusive Price
  • Expert 24/7 travel advice
  • Trip customizable
  • 100% Guaranteed Departures

Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight is an alternative way of reach Lukla airport from Kathmandu on your scheduled time. Lukla Airport officially known as Tenzing Hillary Airport is considered as one of the most dangerous airports in the world. This airport is where most of the Everest region treks start. There are different alternative ways to reach Lukla from Kathmandu. Some trekkers fly to Lukla via regular flight where other takes the helicopter flight to lukla from Kathmandu to maintain their schedule trekking itinerary and avoid flight delays or cancellation. Besides, People also reach to Lukla via Jiri combining bus ride and trekking from Phaplu.

It takes around 45 minutes to reach Lukla Airport. Almost all the Private Helicopter companies offers charter flight to Lukla. Helicopter flight to Lukla is the quickest, easiest and most exciting way to go in case of regular flight cancellation. If you have limited time and worried about the flight or if you are booking last minute flight to Lukla then, To maintain your travel schedule Kathmandu Lukla Helicopter flight is worth option.

Aspiration Adventure offers both group joining and private charter helicopter flight to Lukla. Helicopter can accommodate maximum up to 5 persons Per flight at a time in single helicopter. So, If you have own group of 5 person then helicopter flight is operate on charter basis but if you are less in number group joining helicopter flight to Lukla is available. In group joining helicopter flight cost will share among the passenger which keeps you around the minimum cost. Grouping Joining provides you a best budget package (if 5 person flying together), If you are less passengers we can adjust it at some extra cost. Group sharing cost or private charter at the best guaranteed price with us.

Why to Take Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight ?

If you are travelling to Everest Region in full schedule and worried about the irregular airlines flights to lukla airport due to weather conditions then, Helicopter Flight to Lukla is best alternative option to maintain your travel schedule. Due to high altitude, Lukla Airport experiences variable weather. While taking helicopters you do not have to worried about the delays and cancellation as helicopter flights are less canceled in compare to regular flight. Similarly, flying through the Kathmandu’s you will famed UNESCO World Heritage Sites, aerial views of snow-capped mountains, green hills, forests, etc. This is the best ways to starts the trek and experience without a hustle and bustle is lifelong memorable. Additionally, during the high trekking season, there is no direct flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. Trekkers must drive for 5 hours to Manthali Airport at Ramechhap. Basically, you need to make the mid night drive to Ramechhap which would be exhusting to begins. Thus, helicopter flight offers trekkers to skip the extra time needed to travel by land to Ramechhap. The thrill of a airlines flight may be too much for senior passengers or other trekkers, in which case a helicopter ride to Lukla is the best option.

Private Helicopter Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla

Private Helicopter charter is one of the most easiest ways to reach Lukla Airport from Kathmandu. Due to the fact that a private helicopter is already reserved for you and your group, and there are no delays caused due to various factors of filling the seats, and waiting for others trekkers interest. It is simple as travelling to any destination. Private Helicopter Flight to Lukla can be organize throughout the year on your desire time and date. Experience flight with your own team. Helicopter accommodate maximum of 5 people at a time on B3e series helicopter. We also operate 4 seated helicopter to Lukla and will be allowing you to enjoy views and scenery. Cost of Private Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla Starts at USD 2200 per flight So, if you are in group of any size up to 5 then the cost of the helicopter flight is same. Charter Flight are slightly expensive than group joining but luxurious and comfortable.

Group Joining Helicopter Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla

We offers group joining flight as a fixed departure. There are many trekker willing to travel Lukla by helicopter due to various reason. So, we collect people on a cost-sharing basis. Helicopter accommodate up to 5 Pax where total cost of flight will be split among the group flying together. If you are single or less than 5 Person (1,2,3,4) and want to fly by helicopter on cost-sharing basis. Please send us an e-mail stating your desired flight date. We will help to find out the group and saves the cost of Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter tour. Everest Heli Trek is more frequent on the trekking seasons. So, there is almost daily departure Kathmandu Lukla on September, October, November and March, April, May.

Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight Cost

Helicopter to Lukla price Starts from cost USD 450 per person if group sharing and 5 pax flying together. If you have your own group of 5 pax then, cost will be on Private Charter Basis which cost USD 2200 sharing among total number of people flying at a time. We provide Best and affordable price, book now, mobile (+977) 981 366 5337 (Call/WhatsApp/Viber). Start only at 400 USD Per person (if 5 person flying together). If you are less person we can adjust it at some extra cost.

Kathmandu Lukla Helicopter Flight Details

Flight Duration: 45 Minutes
Trip Type: Helicopter Shuttle Kathmandu to Lukla or Lukla to Kathmandu
Minimum Group Size: 01 Person in Group Joining
Maximum Group Size: Maximum 5 Person Per Helicopter
Altitude: 2,860m at Lukla
Trip Destination: Lukla Airport
Weight allowance: 400 Kilograms + Luggage
Private Helicopter Cost Start from USD 2200
Group Joining Helicopter Cost Start USD 450
Helicopter in Use: AS 350 B3+ “Ecureuil”, AS 350 B3e “Ecureuil”
Best Season: March To June, September To December


  • Easy and Secured Online Booking Option with Payment
  • Flight Refund or reschedule option available
  • In total comfortable ways reach the Lukla Airport to starts the trekking journey in Everest
  • Exciting landing experience at Lukla Airport Helipad, The World’s Most Dangerous Airport
  • Avoid Flight Delays and Cancellation Chances
  • Witness breathtaking aerial views of the Himalayan mountains, Kathmandu Valley, green slopes, and lush forest
  • Maximum 5 Person flying together; luxurious flight and comfortable seats for each passenger
  • Appropriate for all ages travelers
  • Flexible Cancellation Policy and Fair Prices
  • Door to door pick up and drop off from your Kathmandu Hotel
  • Group Joining and Private Charter Option available
  • Daily Departure in the high trekking season
  • Extra Kg baggage option available
  • Quicker and most reliable than the regular airlines flight

Quick Inquiry

Detailed Itinenary

Day 01:

Kathmandu Lukla Helicopter Flight

Distance: 45 Minutes Flight

On the Flight Date, we will Pick up from you Hotel (if you want airport transfer) and Drop to the domestic terminal. Get boarding pass and proceed for check-In. Fly to Lukla and drop of to Lukla Airport. Lukla Helicopter Flights starts in early morning to afternoon, We will provide you a exact flight timing accordingly and it will take approximately 45 minutes to reach Lukla airport from Kathmandu. We understand about the trekkers timing and make sure to Provide early morning flight.

Phase 1:

Pick Up from Hotel and Drop to Airport. Security Check and Flight Briefing

We will Pick you up from the hotel and transfer you to domestic airport terminal. You will get the boarding pass outside to entry from Departure and proceed with the Checking.

Phase 2:

Get Boarding Pass and Check-In Helicopter. Fly to Lukla Airport.

You will get the Boarding passes. After that, your weight are determine with easy formalities to proceed with the Check-In Once the Helicopter is ready. You will be transfer to the Helipad and helicopter fly to Lukla Airport with top views of Kathmandu valleys, green hills and lush forests, rivers, mountains, and waterfalls.

Phase 3:

Enjoy thrilling flight and Land at Lukla Airport.

After 45 minutes you will land at Lukla Airport Helipad and proceed to trekking journey.

Create Your Own Custom Itinenary

Customize Trip


The itinerary and information has been provided on our past experience of operating Lukla Helicopter Flight. You have option to include the accommodation in Kathmandu or make the trip Full Board trekking package. If you are looking for Pre-made itinerary of Everest Trekking with Helicopter than, you can choose our different Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trekking Packages. Contact us for the detail information or fill the enquiry form. Through this, we can help you arrange your journey to Lukla by Helicopter and also helps you to find the accommodation at Lukla.

Frequently asked questions about this trip

How to Book Lukla Helicopter Flight with your Company?

Booking Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight with Aspiration Adventure is very easy, you just need to inquiry us with number of people in a group, flight date. According to your suggestion, Please send us email on: aspirationadventure@gmail.com or via phone +977-9813665337 (Whatapps/Viber). After we receive your inquiry, we will corrdinate. It will be our first priority to provide immediate service to our customers.

Do the Helicopter fly in the scheduled time?

Yes, Flight are on time. After we, finalize the booking will share flight timing details. In rare case, the time may be delayed due to unpredictable weather and climatic condition. Without any doubt, you will be flying to Lukla. Aspiration Adventure teams are available to support where necessary and will be regular in communication. Fight time will be provide 2 to 3 days before the departure date.

Will there be other passengers on my flight?

It depends, if you wish to travel in private helicopter flight, then there will be no other individuals rather than the pilot and your group members. But if you take Group Joining flight then in order to make it in budget there will be other Passenger on flight who are travelling to Everest.

Do you provide helicopter flight Lukla to Kathmandu after completing my trek?

Yes, We Provide Helicopter flight back to Kathmandu from Lukla after completing trek. Please let us know about the return date. Moreover, We also offers Everest Helicopter pickup and drop off service for those who don’t wish to trek all the way back to Lukla and fly out from Gorakshep or Pireche.

Can I get Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter everyday?

Yes, You can get Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter everyday on the charter Basis. But in the trekking season we do regular have group sharing helicopter flight. Please send your inquiry with the travelling flight date and number of person.

Can I get helicopter flight to Lukla on the same day of regular airline's flight canceled?

Yes, We offer helicopter flight to Lukla on the same day of regular airline’s flight canceled, But please make sure to inform us sometime earlier so we can manage flights on time.

How long does it take to reach lukla by helicopter?

It will take around 40 to 45 minutes to reach Lukla from Kathmandu Airport.

Can I book a Private Helicopter flight to Lukla for a Single Person?

Yes, Private Helicopter flight to Lukla can be book for a single person but it may be costly. To share the cost and make it in budget we offer you a group joining flights. But, If you wish to Hire Private Helicopter flight we make sure to offer best service and cost.

Is there Chances of Flights Being Canceled?

The answer is probably No. Cancellation of Helicopter flight to Lukla is very rare even in the bad weather condition. But, Due to some weather condition and environmental status the flights may extend up to some few minutes.

Do you Provide Helicopter flight to Namche Bazaar ?

Yes, We offer Helicopter flight to Namche Bazaar directly from Kathmandu. If you are in short time and willing to start Everest Base Camp Trekking from Namche Bazaar. Please Visit us at: kathmandu to namche bazaar helicopter

Recent Trip Reviews

9 - Based On 26 review

Helicopter to Lukla Absolutely Worth it, Good Price

Booked my Helicopter flight to Lukla Airport from Kathmandu within a Short time. It was a wonderful experience. My friend and I booked a group joining helicopter tour as private trip was out of my budget. Me and My Friend was lucky enough to get group sharing flight. We enjoyed the company with other passenger of the flight. We were in schedule of Everest Base Camp Trekking and want to make everything in order by avoiding regular flight delay and cancellation chances. If you are visiting Nepal and want to book the Helicopter flight to Lukla, nothing can be better then Aspiration Adventure. Highly highly recommended. Best Cost !!